Thank you again for our new addition to our family, Jasmine. She is doing very well in her new home. My husband and I have been having many laughs watching her play. Chelsea, my 12 year maltese took to her as her very own play mate (photo), as well as Watson, our Lilac Siamese kitten (photo).

My 84 year old dad found much joy holding her like a new born baby (photo).My sister and I went straight from your place to the pet store and picked up all her supplies, food, toys, bedding, collar and of course a sundress! (photoYou were amazing with the way you helped get her to us. It was effortless making the whole experience enjoyable!With much Gratitude,



She is precious!!! I love her so much!!! Will send you pictures tomorrow! All my family and friends  stopped by today and couldn’t believe she was real! Sweet and Precious!

I wanted to show you a picture of Chanel (used to be Millie). We love her and she is soooo sweet! She just wants to cuddle and stay with me. She had a great check up and very healthy! She might be tiny but has a big personality! She is a head- turner and I can’t take her anywhere without everyone stopping to see her. Thank you so much for my little Chanel! Wendy Little Rock, AR.


We just adore Mimi. The first morning, I picked her up from her playpen and she just smothered me with kisses. The next morning, she couldn’t wait to get out of my arms and play with her sisters. She is a little riot, so full of energy. She just loves to play….she is so funny to watch. I still can’t get over her beauty. I can honestly say that I have never seen a more striking puppy. I think she even won over my husband’s heart. He said he was sitting with her one night, and she was cradled in his arm.

She was laying with her tummy up and he was giving her a tummy rub. Jacob, you should see her sleep. She lays down in her puppy bed, on her back. Then, we cover her with a baby blanket and all you can see is her little face and her two front paws sticking out…..priceless!!!! After having her with me, I am so thankful that I emailed you and immediately put a deposit on her. All those people that wanted her really missed out, what a sweetheart she is. After having Lulu and Mimi, my husband told me that we should have done this right from the beginning. He really took a liking to these small dogs. (He is not a pet person)….he does it for me, but Lulu and Mimi softened him up. Oh, one more thing about Mimi.

I gave her a bath the day after she got here. I didn’t want to do it the same day as the flight. Well, after the bath, I blew her hair dry with the blow dryer (on low, of course)….oh my gosh….she looked like a mini porcupine. Take care and I will keep you posted!


Our charming Prince Louie:

Darice and I are so thankful for our new little blessing and addition to our family, Prince Louie. We had to add Prince to his name because that is what absolutely describes him. He has brought so much joy into our lives. He is super adorable and such a head turner. The way he was described through the emails and web page was definitely true. I am so thankful that we stumbled upon I Heart Teacups. Both Jen and Jacob made the transaction smooth. I also love the way they stay in communication even after.

I am glad I have someone who I can email with any questions in regards to our little treasure and they always seem happy to answer. I will definitely recommend them to everyone I meet. Thank you so much Jen and Jacob for our wonderful, healthy, happy, tiny and stunning Prince Louie.

Natali & Darice


Beautiful Baby Girl !!!

I bought little “Lulu” from I Heart Teacups and I can’t say enough about her. I worked with Jacob and he answered all my questions and calmed my nerves about purchasing a puppy on line. He is an honest person and you can tell he really cares about his puppies. I have had Lulu for almost 3 weeks now and she is a real sweetheart. She is so friendly and cuddly and has a wonderful disposition. She is absolutely beautiful and she is doing great with her pottie training. If I didn’t already have 2 dogs, I would definitely buy one of Lulu’s siblings. Jacob knows of my last bad experience while purchasing a puppy, but this time it went so smoothly and I got a stunning,

healthy puppy !! If you are at all hesitant about purchasing a puppy over the internet, then you need to check out I Heart Teacups. Believe me, I am just thrilled to have my little Lulu !!! Thank you again Jacob for my little dream girl!!! Lulu sends her love !!

Dawn S. in Buffalo, NY


Hi Jennifer!

Wanted to let you know Bert (yorkie) and I are doing great. He is every bit as fun and sweet as I hoped and has truly filled my life with joy. He goes to work with me everyday and hangs out in his crate with lots of play time during lunch and afterwards. He is playful, energetic, loyal, and so smart! My parents adore him and have taken to him like I’ve never seen.

I’m thinking about getting another teacup addition to our family. Probably another maltese, although Bert was much easier to potty train. Bert is barely 3.5 pounds at 7 months and I’d like another small teacup or miniature. Hope you are doing well with your little fuzzy kids!




She is gorgeous! We love her a lot! Just came from the vet yesterday (Phoebe was just visiting, I thought it was a good idea to take her there for the positive experience as well, so she was just starring:))! She was 3.8 lb, so she is a small girl 🙂 Her sister is 2 month yonger, and she is 3.2. Phoebe is healthy, and very happy. We’re starting puppy classes this Sun with both of them, I’m sure they will love it! Still working on potty training, but I’m sure we’ll get there! Have you ever heard of an artificial grass? (too cold to take them outside these days)






She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and sweet. I love her dearly. My kids love her too. My cat is not sure yet. I think with time he will adopt Tessa. Just kidding.Thanks again, Here are some pictures. There is a picture of my cat. The cat loves the puppy. They play together all the time.







I can’t thank you enough, we love Timmy. He slept all the way home and has adjusted great to his  new home. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH! Lets keep in touch, you never know I might want another one!! Did you sell your beautiful little girl today too? Thanks again we just love him!






Jennifer, The dogs are getting along great and we are all very happy! I would recommend you any day!








Hey! I bought FuFu from you and she is just so precious and spoiled! Do you have another pom just like her? I’m so in love and want more!
Thank you so much!


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